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Beth Phoenix's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Beth Phoenix

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Smackdown Spoilers [Jan 12th, 2:51pm]

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PPV; TLC [Dec 20th, 10:24pm]

Digitals && Video

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Mod Annoucement [Dec 6th, 12:57pm]

As many of you have noticed, this community as well as others relating to the divas, superstars on livejournal have been on a much needed hiatus. I won't bore you with "the mods" not having time because the truth is, we do have the time to do it. The idea was to see how many active lj members there really were, which eventually led us to the decision to keep certain communities open, or to close them. As of January 1, 2011 we will be a completely different (and ACTIVE) community.

We are looking for livejournal members to be a part of our team to keep this community, as well as others as active as possible.
Photoshoots, News, POTD, VOTW, ect.. if you'd like to be a part of the mod team, please contact kora_flair

Some communities will make it, some sadly will not. The choice is yours. Afterall, livejournal communities were created for the people, by the people.
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New Twitter Photo [Oct 7th, 9:15pm]

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Summerslam Events Digitals [Aug 16th, 3:15pm]

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New Photoshoot [May 12th, 7:10pm]



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Debating Divas - WWE Mag Scan [May 11th, 12:42am]

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wwe superstars 05.06.10 [May 7th, 11:49pm]

Watch || Digitals

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